Sydney Author Event- Lynda

We had an amazing time in Sydney, i wish i could tell you all the details without writing a full length novel, but we did so much and had so many amazing experiences that iv just made it a quick recount.



What a weekend we had! Let me start at the beginning, Thursday I cruised up to Tamara’s to “crash the night” before our 5.35am flight out of Perth. We got maybe an hours sleep that night, we we’re both so wired with excitement. The trip to the airport was smooth and foggy, until we spent 20 minutes driving around looking for the security parking entry. Who knew you now have to get an entry parking ticket to actually get to security parking. But we got there and had to wait a little while for the desk to be manned at 4am.

Our flight to Sydney was surprisingly quick, I was impressed. We touched down with our abundance of luggage and caught up with Sarah and Bex. Let the fun times begin.

IMG_3434 (1)

Friday night we had the author meet and greet, Tamara was the lucky winner of 4 tickets to that so a big thank you to Tam for winning those and being so awesome in taking us along with her ūüôā She may have scored a new BFF that night but I’ll let her tell you about that. We had a few authors come sit with us and chat, they were all really nice, down to earth women. We were truly lucky to have met them all in such an intimate environment, a reserved room at PJ’ Obriens, at the bottom of our hotel. Yep we caught a taxi to Mantra 2 Bond to meet up with everyone going, ¬†just to walk back to our hotel for the meet and greet, my heels gave me a lovely blister walking up the hill but it was totally worth it.

Saturday morning we were up early and off to the signing. So many amazing authors to see and books to buy. I may have come home with more books than I intended but luckily I paid for extra checked baggage so getting them home wasn’t a issue – just! Okay i may have been a kg over in one suitcase and nearly a kg over in the other, ah semantics haha. The atmosphere was amazing, ¬†relaxed, friendly and comfortable. Some lines were long but definitely worth the wait to get to meet the amazing authors. Obviously Christina Lauren was a major hit and one of my favourites to meet. They’re so nice and chatted with us all and are genuinely awesome chicks.


Christina Lauren

After a few failed attempts in previous years I finally got to meet Kylie Scott. Such a lovely lady, I love her books and I’m so so happy they’re finally signed. Kylie’s assistant was kind enough to take the photo for us.


Kylie Scott

There were a lot of amazing prizes in the raffles, I was lucky enough to win a book in the AM draw and a signed book in the major draw. And the swag was really cool, lip balms and lolly pops were my favourite, although my son loved the Leisa Rayven (¬†leisarayven¬†)¬†tattoos so I think he’d argue that they were the best swag. While collecting signatures on the generously donated kindle paper white cover I mentioned to all the authors that it was for the blog, some were kind enough to donate signed books for us to give away so we have some super exciting things coming up on our¬†Facebook¬†page.

We hit the after party with a bit of a hiccup on my part, who knew getting there 14 minutes after 9 would cause such a hassle, but it got sorted we got in and started our night. It was fantastic to see so many costumes and others dressed up nicely. While there Tamara and I got to meet up with JA Low, a friend, fellow Aussie, attending fan but also an author.



Sunday we all slept in, crawling into bet at 2am makes for much needed sleep. Once we were up and about we headed out to an awesome lunch date with TJ Hamilton and her gorgeous daughter. We had a lot of fun chatting about random things and just soaking up the atmosphere of the Opera house bar.


TJ Hamilton

After lunch it was a walk to the other side of the harbour to go to Madame Tussaud’s and Sea Life. ¬†While this was my second trip there it was still fun to see it all again and the few new additions .Bex and Tamara had a blast posing with all the famous people while Sarah and I laughed along with them. It was then onto Hard Rock for dinner, and oh how good it was. Never pass up on the share dessert, so yum.

Monday we headed to Taronga Zoo. It was a somewhat difficult day for me, I was missing home so much, so while my mind was never away from home I had a bit of distraction. The zoo is amazing, the giraffes were a definite highlight. Such stunning creatures, and their eyes, wow, they’re absolutely stunning. There was a lot of walking done that day and it was really nice to sit down on the ferry and cross the harbour. Tam got this amazing shot of the Opera House with her “requested window seat” haha.



We rounded the day off with dinner and a movie. Bad Moms. I haven’t laughed so much in a movie for a long time. I’m grateful to have watched it with such an amazing group of friends with like minded humour and love for movie snacks.

Packing that night wasn’t fun, not only was it a game of Tetris but it also signalled the near end of our holiday. I was not looking forward to the flight home being that it was going to be a longer one than the flight over.

Tuesday morning we vacated our rooms, left our luggage with concierge and went to Max Brenner’s for waffle and crep√® breakfast. Heaven, that is all i can say to describe waffles with decadent melted chocolate drizzled over them, served with fresh banana, strawberry and vanilla ice cream. #backtosydneyformaxbrenner. Then it was on to killing time shopping for last minute gifts to take home, which was a good idea at the time but then it was back to the game of Tetris with packing it into the suitcase.


The Grace Hotel

It was a long flight home that night and wanting to surprise my husband by coming home early I drove straight home from dropping Tamara off and got to my front door at 12.10am, I was wrecked but it was so good to be home.

Tamara, Bex & Sarah, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends to spend the SAE weekend with. You girls are the best, thank you Lynda xx


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