5 Fabulous Star Review: The Dominator III by DD Prince

MORE Tommy
MORE Dominating!

(The Continuation of The Dominator Series, a dark romance with dark themes. 18+ only.)

The search for a missing girl…
The opening of a Vegas fetish club with an enemy breathing down your neck…
Being forced, by the Feds, to help take down a human trafficking ring with some very powerful and dangerous people…

Accomplishing all of the above while fighting your dark and taunting demons and struggling with the notion of becoming a father.

Accomplishing all this finding out you have to take your new wife back to the place you rescued her from. A place where she was systematically broken over a period of 19 days and then sexually enslaved for 2 years.

Suddenly two sisters are missing because Tessa vanishes!
Dare and Tommy have to get Tessa back and make the person responsible pay and they also need to rescue Holly, who is believed to be in the clutches of Alessandro Romero, who has multiple reasons to have beefs with the Ferrano boys.

Follow Tommy and Tia to Vegas for the opening of Fete, a Vegas fetish club. How will Tia feel about going to Vegas again, a place that nearly broke her.

And be a fly on the wall when Dare and Angel go back to Thailand, to the place that broke Angel, wired for the Feds.

SO much happens in this book.

  • They dominate their women.
  • They dominate their enemies.
  • And they try to take control over those taunting inner demons, too.

Told from POVS of

  • Tommy
  • Tia
  • Dare
  • Angel
  • and others!

Dark & erotic mafia romance. Books one and two must be read to fully appreciate this story.

Mariah’s Review

5 Stars


DD Prince has done it again.  It never ceases to amaze me…her talent is off the charts.  She is such a deep, and crafty writer.  Unbound III is such a complicated story, told from so many different POV’s that its hard to sum it all up.  The only sum I can come up with is that it is phenomenal.

This book is just so amazing.  It’s dark.  It’s twisty.  The best part of all is that you get to read about your favorite characters and see how they all travel through this dark and dangerous journey together.  Again, DD Prince’s writing is so in depth, and her characters are so complexly written, that the several different points of view work so well together.

I truly loved this book.  I loved Tommy and Tia’s interactions as she goes through her pregnancy.  I love how Dare and Angel figure out and work through their issues.  I love how this series is finished in such an exquisite way.  I really just love it all.

I’m so proud to have read all of DD Prince’s books.  Unbound III is no disappointment.  It’s an amazing book that showcases the true talent that she is.

You can buy the book here:

Amazon:  The Dominator III

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