Summer Series Kick Off: Ice Planet Barbarian Series by Ruby Dixon

Hello, everyone! It’s summer here in the US.  Thank God!  So to make things fun, I thought that I would do a weekly…or so (You know summer interferes) post about great books to read over the summer.  So be looking for weekly posts to give you recommendations of books that I love.  So, for my first post I would like to feature the Ice Planet Barbarians Series by Ruby Dixon.

This series is a FIVE STAR series.  There are 14 main books in the series with several novellas intermixed.  The gist of the series is this:  Women have been kidnapped by aliens.  Their ship crashes and they end up on an ice planet filled with huge blue alien men.  These women need a parasite in order to live on the planet.  The “parasite” makes them stronger and keeps them healthy. I should mention the men are hot, and are completely devoted.  The ice planet, Not Hoth, is very primitive.  So, it sort of reminds me of the Clan of the Cave Bear.  I love the primitive aspect to the series.

The best part about this series is how we get to meet a great cast of characters.  We get to read about them forming lives as they adjust to a new planet.  I truly love how this entire series carries the main story.  The main story evolves so well.  Ruby Dixon does an amazing job including the reader.

If you are looking for an amazing story to carry you this summer as you sit by the pool and read, this one is absolutely for you.  Do not pass this one up.

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