Summer Reading Recommendations: The Landry Family Series by Adriana Locke

This fun series should be added to your summer reading list.

The Landry Family Series by Adriana Locke chronicles the live’s of them men in the Landry Family.  I actually started reading the series at the beginning of the summer.  I started with Book 4, Swear.  I was hooked!  I absolutely love the family dynamic in these books.  I also love the men in them.  Each one has a different story.  I love how the entire series is interconnected but can still be read out of order or as stand alone books.  Book 5 is releasing on Friday!!  It’s called Swink and I got the ARC.  Let me tell you it’s worth preordering so you can have it delivered as soon as it goes live.  This is such a fun series.  I really hope you add it to reading list.

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