Excerpt Reveal: Affliction by Jenika Snow

  Amazon NookKobo   Coming April 4th       It wasn’t until Cameron that I knew what real darkness was…or that I’d crave it so much.I’ve let the world weigh down on me; pull me under until nothing makes sense anymore. Maybe that’s how I let myself get into the mess I’m currently in?…

Chapter Reveal: Ripple Effect by Keri Lake

For months, I’ve watched him. I’ve fantasized him as my savior, my lover. My ticket out of the hell I’ve lived in for the last six years. I never dreamed he’d be my nightmare.

Excerpt TOUGH LUCK by Liv Morris

“Don’t be silly, Bryce. I’m an overachiever.” Her chin tilts up in defiance, but it sounds like she wants to prove me wrong. After all, being an overachiever requires taking on a big task and completing it.

BLOW Excerpt Reveal

Meet the complicated men behind the sexiest boy band in America! Releasing November 8th!

Excerpt Reveal, Filthy Rich by Raine Miller

    PROLOGUE CALEB  MY father always said I would know when the right woman came along. He was such a wise man. When it happened, I didn’t even question it because the process was so effortless. I just fell into her . . . because my heart knew her right away. Knew she was…

Excerpt Reveal, DECLAN by Caitlyn O’Leary

I dropped to one knee and stared at the little boy who looked like he might be sleeping amongst the dust and debris. Brushing off the bits of rock and rubble from his face, I picked him up and hugged him close. Despite all my prayers, I knew deep in my heart he was dead, like all the others in this God forsaken mess that surrounded me.

Excerpt Reveal. Marriage Games by CD Reiss

I’d stepped away so she didn’t feel threatened, but my gaze was keeping her from relaxing. I kept my eyes on hers. I could smell her perfume and feel the shortness of her breath.