Lynda Reviews Parker by David Michael

Lynda reviews Parker by

David Michael

Book 2 in the Dick Dynasty trilogy




“My name is Parker Hale and I single handedly brought down a Dynasty.

For me, life has been a study in bad decisions and worse results.

My party boy days landed me with one foot in the grave, but Rebecca Sloan pulled me back from that ledge.

She’s here for me when I need her most and all I do is disappoint.

I’m scared to lose what we have.

I need to fix this mess before it’s too late.

There are fates worse than death.

I’m gonna prove it”




It’s been a long wait for Parkers story. Was I disappointed? Definitely not. Am I absolutely 100% in love with it? Sadly no.
Parker has always been the royal screw up of the Hale family. Drugs, alcohol and easy women. A cocktail for disaster. After hitting his lowest a spitfire of a woman is put in his path. Turns out that woman would be his absolute support in getting himself straight.
Rebecca is a whole heap of broken on her own but she sees something in Parker from the moment they meet. They build their relationship on friendship and support. And when Parkers own family don’t support him in the means he needs she is there to give them a serve and maybe kick a little a*^#.
We are introduced to Prestons struggles towards the end so this had my anticipation for his story perking it’s head. And by the end I can’t wait for his roller coaster.
Now what I didn’t love was Holly, she was awesome in Porter but Parkers story, Holly became an absolute selfish b*^#h. She is ruined for me now, and while I loved the ending per say I didn’t like how the focuses was back on her story. Let the ending shine on Parker and Rebecca. Also the time lining of a significant factor to events was a bit fast for me. If you pick up on it you’ll know what I mean, if you don’t you will remain gloriously ignorant to it and it won’t impact your thoughts of the story at all. So that’s a good thing.
Mitch as usual was a shining light of gay glory. His story will be divine!
I did live Parker and Rebecca’s story and give it a solid 4 stars. Keep it coming David.

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