REVIEW – Mad Addiction by Jessica Serra Huizenga

Jessica Serra Huizenga has delivered a phenomenal follow up to her debut novel, see what the RLR team thought of Mad Addiction

Group Read: Mad Addiction by Jessica Serra Huizenga

Book #2 in the Crazy Beautiful series

Can be read as a standalone, but it is recommended to read Book #1 Crazy Beautiful first

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Kelley Brooks is saving herself for Prince Charming.

Ryan Blake, while charming, is definitely not a prince.

Always straightforward and realistic, Kelley Brooks and Ryan Blake know they are not right for each other. Kelley believes in fate and waiting for “the one” while Ryan prefers maintaining distance and control with unattached one-night stands.

But after indulging in a single, meaningless wedding hookup, unexpected circumstances force them into one hell of a complicated situation.

After agreeing to a fake engagement, both Ryan and Kelley must confront their pasts — and true feelings — causing them to question everything they thought they knew about family, commitment, and most importantly, love.

A lie brought them together, but will the truth tear them apart?

And what the heck does happily ever after really mean, anyway?




I’m going to be honest straight up here. This story felt a little forced, the concept is there and the character personalities helped eliminate that feeling to a certain degree.

Kelley is the ever romantic optimist. While holding out for Mr Forever she caves and takes a wild chance at a bit of fun. Ryan the out and proud playboy doesn’t do commitment, we do learn why and well okay if it works for him then who are we to judge. The events that follow are predictable but still fun to read.
With a plan in place I couldn’t help but be a little annoyed at how Kelley is seeming only interested in protecting herself and not Ryan, whereas Ryan wants to protect them all even if it’s for selfish reasons.
The flow of family meetings is both painful and funny. Meeting Ryan’s mother really does help explain why he is the way he is and Kelley, haha she’s just like her parents with the blunt approach. They’re comically inappropriate.
Seeing both Ryan and Kelley war with their true emotions and feelings shows a side of both of them away from the teasing sarcastic fun loving banter. It definitely helps level the story out and injects connection into it.
The couple of glimpses into Ryan’s battle with alcohol give the story a bit of serious content.
I will admit at the beginning I struggled to connect to Kelley but she grew on me as I neared the end. How easily she left was very immature, it just felt that she couldn’t see past herself and get out of her own head that she didn’t appreciate Ryan and his efforts.
But what’s any story without some drama.
I’m definitely interested in the next story and who’s it will be.

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