Lynda Review’s Break the Rules by Claire Boston

Bridget Flanagan only has two rules when it comes to dating, is she willing to break them both to start a relationship Jack Gibbs?

Lynda review’s Break the Rules by Claire Boston

Book #1 in the Flanagan Sisters series


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Bridget Flanagan knows how to assess risks, but are the consequences of exposing her heart too dangerous?
Bridget has a passion for safety and in the world of oil refineries that makes her great at her job. So when her big promotion goes to someone else, she heads out on the town to forget her troubles. Jack Gibbs seems like the perfect man to distract her.

At least until Monday morning when she discovers Jack is her new boss. There’s no way she’s going to keep seeing him, no matter the connection between them. She’s been burned before.

Jack can’t understand why Bridget’s so against their relationship. They positively sizzled during their one night together. He knows he has to be careful now she reports to him, but she tempts him in every way.

Can Jack convince Bridget to give him a chance, or is the risk too high?




I was very keen to read this book from a local author. And it’s set so differently to what has become kind of mainstream for romance I was very intrigued.

Bridget is passed over for a promoting at the oil refinery she works at. She’s peeved and rightly so. She tries her utmost to prove herself constantly but the “Lionel affair” looms over her.

After a steamy night of breaking one of her rules, turns out Bridget broke both her rules.

” I have two rules to dating.

And one is to never sleep with someone on the first date.

What’s your second rule?

I don’t date people I work with”

Little did she know Jack was her new boss.

The working dynamic definitely makes this story different from others. Iv read many books where they work in the same law firm or investment agency but never one set in an industry such as mining. Being the wife of a worker in gas plant myself this story had me wondering about the place my husband works. The working process, the safety, all these things that are within this story. I guess personal experience makes this story more real to me.

Jack and Bridget find themselves tossed into a situation thanks to Bridget’s manipulative and very self centred best friend. I’ll be honest just over half way through the story I was hoping by the end Tanya’s perfect world would come crashing down. For a secondary character she really agitated me. Luckily Bridget has the support of her sisters and mum.

I do absolutely love the sub story behind Bridget’s ancestry. And the amazing women her mum is with helping with humanitarian issues and having her home open to foster children. It’s adds another very real element to the over all story. Claire Boston has certainly written a very well plotted intriguing and deep story.

Back to a Jack and Bridget. Their character connection is beautiful, it’s not over powering in the story but you can tell it’s real. They both struggle with keeping their personal and professional lives separate. They wade their way through the ups and downs to come out the other side stronger then ever.
Bridget is an amazingly strong woman. She knows her job and deals well in emergency. It was refreshing to read about a heroin in her work position.
Jack isn’t, on paper, qualified for the job he’s just landed but he has hands on experience as his qualifications. He’s not egotistical and is genuinely proud of the woman Bridget is.

I can’t say enough how real this story felt. All aspects of it had such a splash of reality. I am very excited to read more from Claire and the Flanagan sisters.

5 amazing stars.

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