Listen to Me by Kristen Proby

Lynda reviews Listen to Me by Kristen Proby.

Book one in the Fusion series


Seduction is quickly becoming the hottest new restaurant in Portland, and Addison Wade is proud to claim 1/5 of the credit. She’s determined to make it a success and can’t think of a better way to bring in new customers than live music. But when former rock star Jake Keller swaggers through the doors to apply for the weekend gig, she knows she’s in trouble. Addie instantly recognizes him—his posters were plastered all over her bedroom walls in high school—he’s all bad boy…exactly her type and exactly what she doesn’t need.

Jake Keller walked away from the limelight five years ago and yearns to return to what’s always driven him: the music. If he gets to work for a smart-mouthed, funny-as-hell bombshell, all the better. But talking Addie into giving him the job is far easier than persuading her that he wants more than a romp in her bed. Just when she begins to drop her walls, Jake’s past finally catches up with him.

Will Addie be torn apart once again or will Jake be able to convince her to drown out her doubts and listen to her heart?


Addison knows musicians and men, they’re liars, cheaters and users. She sure knows how to pick them.

“My man picker is broken.”
“Which is fine, because I’m done with men”

What she didn’t bank on was Jake. A retired rock god who needs to reconnect with performing to find himself again.
The witty sarcastic banter between Addie and Jake is both funny and sexy. It’s a hek of a foreplay. His character, humour, passion and heart eventually win Addie over. She’s a bit jaded as one would expect after what she’s been through. Jake doesn’t want to love Addie, he’s scared he’s going to hurt her like he believes he hurts everyone else he loves.

“People around me get hurt”
“How can you say that? You were there five years ago, before that”

Try as they might but love is strong between these two. Jake wants to protect Addie from the bad things, but Addie is a strong stubborn woman. Just when you think things are going amazingly well Jake thinks history is repeating. While he knows it’s not he still shuts down. Such a silly man. He never listened when he should have. But through it all and some long over due conversations he tries to mend what he has broken. In the end it’s his words that Addie hasn’t been given before that break through the pain.

Kirsten Proby writes the perfect balance of love fun and heartache. Her characters have personality and are so real you want to be friends with them. The secondary characters are drawn in well, we learn just enough about them to be intrigued by them and wonder what their stories are going to be. You can however feel who the next book is going to be about and how they are entwined just a touch bit more then the other secondaries makes the anticipation for the next in the series so much higher.

I will say, I like the band Daughtry, but after their third mention in the book I wanted to erase their name and have something else there. I don’t know maybe I can be sensitive to repeated words.

I’m giving Listen to me 5 soulful stars.

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