Lynda Reviews The Sound of Serendipity by Cynthia A Rodriguez

A woman in love with possibilities meets a man determined to make them happen…
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Lynda Reviews The Sound of Serendipity, a stand-alone novel by Cynthia A Rodriguez


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So many things can happen to a person on a Central Park bench.

For Emerson Kingsley, falling in love happened, despite her broken monster of a heart.

Emerson knows more about listening than she does about love, whether it’s listening to artists as a music producer or listening to stories as she people watches.

Months of watching Maddox Bailey from a park bench are to blame for her infatuation. In her mind, the moment they meet will be spectacular if she ever finds the nerve to speak to him.

But when the two share an awkward cab ride, she realizes that maybe fantasies are meant to stay that way.

The only problem is, now that they’ve met, he keeps popping up in her life. Each time he does, Emerson finds the real-life Maddox to be better than anything she could’ve dreamed—sexy, passionate, and sweeter than his chocolate brown eyes.

A woman in love with possibilities meets a man determined to make them happen.



Serendipity means a “fortunate happenstance” or “pleasant surprise”. It was coined by Horace Walpole in 1754.

Dreaming of her perfect moment when souls collide and her happily ever after is born, dreaming of serendipity. Emerson Kingsley at first doesn’t realise her perfect moment will be more then just one moment, She soon realises it is made up of hundreds of little moments.

Em has a tough shell around herself, she retreats into it a lot. From the moment we are introduced to her in this story I could tell she had a beautiful story to tell. A lost soul trying to find her way in the world that is hers for the taking. Hurt by the past and drowning in her new roll at he fathers company, she guards her words and thoughts with a fortress.

“I bet you’ve built entire civilizations in there. And guessing by the way you refuse to speak unless absolutely necessary, I’d be willing to bet that every thought beats at your brain. I can see possibilities in your eyes. They live behind the bars you set them up in, and they’re begging me to convince you to let them free.”

Having people watched for so long, wondering about their stories Em becomes infatuated with a man she watches. Dreams for him to be her story. Then fate begins their story.
The connection between Em and Maddox is beautiful, it’s like a flower blooming from the gentle touch of the Spring sun. Navigating her broken pieces and putting them back together one by one Maddox nurtures Ems beautiful soul. Maddox is charming, flirty, intuitive but has a bit of a jerk moment or 2. But what’s a beautiful story without faults. He definitely made me love him.

Every character in this story plays an integral roll in Em’s transformation into a beautiful butterfly. Her father, her assistant, her new found clients, friends, Maddox. I do wonder to myself now I’ve finished this story, what happens with Holly, is there another story there? He was a mysterious one.

This is my first read by Cynthia A Rodriguez and What a beautiful story it is. Her words were like a melody you fall in love with. A sound you have to keep listening to as it seeps into your soul. I felt like I was inside the story, watching it happen before my eyes, that’s how beautifully it is done.
While there’s no catalyst events that will have me thinking about this story in months to come, the story as a whole will remain with me. It’s simply on of those ones that touches something inside and doesn’t let go.

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