Lynda Reviews #Swag by Cambria Hebert

Lorhaven and Joey have both got #Swag, read Lynda and Tamara’s reviews to see what they thought about this couple from opposite sides of the racing world.

Lynda  review’s #Swag by Cambria Hebert

Book #3 in the GearShark series

(Read our previous reviews of #Junkie and #Rev)


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These drivers got #swag…

Racing is in her DNA.
Right alongside money and power.
When you’re the daughter of one of the most powerful men in the country,
you have to work harder for success.
Joey Gamble’s a girl on a male-dominated track.
With a daddy who can buy whatever she wants.
But she doesn’t want anything… except to EARN her reputation.

Racing is his passion.
Trouble follows him everywhere. Some even say he invites it.
When you’re nipping at the taillights of the best driver in the new NRR,
you have to fight and claw for each and every success.
It’s never been easy for Lorhaven.
That’s why he doesn’t play by the rules.
He’s a man with a serious chip on his shoulder against the pro racing circuit.
We at GearShark want to know what’s up with that.

We’ve also been hearing rumblings…
of a pro who wants to go indie.

We’ve invited racing royalty and the driver from the wrong side of the tracks to sit down and talk to us about a possible crossover.
We expected sparks to fly when Joey and Lorhaven crossed paths.
Will those sparks ignite into a full-on inferno?




“It isn’t about any of the other men who participated in humiliating me. This letter is about me wanting to make it known to all the girls out there- hell, to anyone who’s ever felt like LESS – that you don’t have to take it. You don’t have to suffer in silence because you think that’s what makes you strong.
I’m speaking out to say what they did was wrong. It hurt me. But it didn’t ruin me.
If you’re going through anything remotely similar to what I’ve experienced or you’re just struggling with demons you can’t seem to control, know you aren’t alone. There is strength in numbers. Even just two.”


There’s such a strong message behind #Swag. You don’t have to be strong alone or in silence. There is someone to help you carry that strength. Stories with strong messages always have an impact and #Swag sure packs a punch.

I wasn’t sure how Lorhaven and Joey’s story was going to unfold. Let’s be real here Lorhaven was an absolute douchcanoe in #Junkie and #Rev (if you haven’t read them, you totally should) and it wasn’t until we learned about Arrow that my heart started to melt a little for him. The glimpse we got of him previously was a nice little taste for what we were going to get in #Swag, and he didn’t disappoint. Yes he has an ego but he is fiercely loyal and compassionate, he doesn’t love freely, but when he does, he loves hard.

Joey, I love her sass and strength. But in her strength there is weakness. Her journey to learn that her weakness isn’t a bad thing is enthralling. Learning to let people help her fight her battles, is learning how to have someone stand with her. She has passion, fire, drive, determination but she needs her person to bring out her softness.

The love-hate relationship between Lorhaven and Joey is perfect for their characters. It’s foreplay to their ever after. The pull they have towards each other is magnetic. All the words spoken between them have meaning, an undertone to life.


 “You’re staring”, he said, not taking his eyes off the road.
“You drive the car the way you do a lover,” I said.
“Cars and lovers are a lot alike.”
Shivers raced up my spine. “How so?”
“Because you have to be gentle yet in control. You have to be sure but willing to let the it do some of the work.” He glanced over at me, his eyes darker then the night sky. “Because the better you treat it, the better you get treated in return.”


Life philosophy right there.
I love how strong the friendships are in this story, heck this series. The support and understanding helps build an unshakeable foundation, how previous bonds are opened up to allow others in, is testament to amazing characters.

Cambria delivers yet another amazing GearShark story that has you loving both past and present characters and anticipating the next story, #Blur, Arrow Ambrose’s story. This will be another m/m. I’m sensing there will be a lot of depth to Arrows story. I can’t wait to read it.

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