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Happy Release to JA Low, today Tamara and Lynda are sharing their reviews of Suddenly More, a Dirty Texas novella



Title: Suddenly More

Series: The Dirty Texas Series – Book 1.5

Author: J A Low

Release Date: July 8

Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Rockstar Romance

Cover: Booknerdfangirl

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A Dirty Texas Novella

He was everything she was looking for…

Sienna Hayes wasn’t looking for love, especially not with ladies man, Evan Wyld, guitarist for Dirty Texas. Not until she found the tatted up rockstar naked in her bed. What started off as a bit of fun suddenly turned into a second chance at love.

She was everything he was ready for…

Never in Evan Wyld’s wildest dreams did he ever think the beautiful, blonde bombshell from the photo would lead him away from his womanizing ways, swapping it for a gold band and dirty diapers.

Sienna and Evan embark on their Wyld-est adventure yet as the Dirty Texas gang celebrate new beginnings.

It is recommended that you have read Suddenly Dirty, book 1 in the Dirty Texas series as this novella continues on from where it finishes.


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You can’t go wrong with the happily ever after. We get to see Sienna and Evan’s dreams come true. A wedding a baby and all round bliss.

Suddenly more picks up where Suddenly dirty finished and the warm fuzzies are instant. A story so full of celebration and happiness and a bit of redemption for an unlikely character. That characters story, if he gets one, I’m really looking forward to.

“Yeah I know, like I said I was in a bad place and not really thinking. But I’m here because you deserve so much better than me. I know your engaged to a super rich rock star now and don’t really need the money but that check I’d for what should have been given when we divorced.”

Now I don’t excuse what Beau dos but hearing the whole story and how he handles it in the end. I’m kinda rooting for the guy to have a happily ever after.

This novella is the perfect wrap up of Evan and Sienna’s story and the beginning of the next amazing story. You have to read this to know who the next book will belong to.



Sienna: But last night, all my doubts, all my insecurities vanished and all I could see was him, Evan Wyld, the man that captured my heart, not the one who broke it.

Suddenly More is the continuation of Evan and Sienna’s story from Suddenly Dirty, and picks up right where we left them. We get to see what happens when Sienna shares the news of her engagement with her friends, we get to see them work through their issues, and doubts and get their well-deserved HEA. We even get to see some cameos from some much loved family members, and the redemption of someone who I thought I would have been happy to never see again (but damn, did JA do a good job at making me feel sorry for, and understand him!)

After the rush of emotions that Suddenly Dirty put me through, I was hoping for a little less drama and was hoping that Evan and Sienna finally got to be together without everything and everyone seeming to be against them. And that’s exactly what JA delivered. A short, sweet story that tied up the loose ends, showed Evan and Sienna settling into their lives together, and set the scene for what I am sure are going to be some amazing future stories in the series.








JA Low lives on a faraway beach in Australia. When she’s not writing steamy scenes and admiring hot surfers, she’s tending to her husband and two sons, and dreaming up the next epic romance.

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