Surge by Amity Cross

Surge by Amity Cross




Dean Hayes has always fought in the shadow of his identical twin, Lincoln.
Climbing the ranks of professional MMA is his entire life, he’s never once stopped to forge anything meaningful outside of the octagon. Instead, he’s fixated on unrequited feelings for a woman who only ever used him for her own end.
After ten years hoping for a miracle, holding onto his hopeless fantasy could cost Dean his one shot at true love…and he doesn’t even know it.

When Josie Cunningham left her dead end job to become the Public Relations manager for the hottest pair of fighters in the AUFC—the Hayes Twins—she never knew how wild the ride was going to be.
Dean has been thorn in her side from day one, constantly pushing her buttons…including the one right over her heart. Bending the rules and none the wiser for her secret attraction, he tears at her self-control until she snaps under the pressure.
When Josie decides to act on her feelings, her world is turned upside down… And she’s thrown right in the path of the storm of the century with no way to shield her heart.

With the middleweight title up for grabs, all’s fair in love, war…and the octagon.


Lynda’s Review

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When Josie pulled the wedding stunt in Flow – Beat and the Pulse 6, she dropped down my list of liked characters. I know it needed to happen for Hamish to find his real forever but still she rubbed the wrong way with all that. Now delving into Surge I first found it hard to let go my dislike for her over her actions. Just when I thought redemption she goes and smashes it to smithereens.

Dean the poor fool of a man, lusting after a toxic woman for 10 years. Trying to figure his head out with what he truly wanted was frustrating to read but that’s all part of the allure. If everything was black and white it would be boring. No, the grey areas from both characters makes Surge all the more engrossing.

With the bitter sweet ups and downs of his professional life mixed with the chaos in his head about his personal life Dean struggles to find ground, as does Josie.
I will admit that the easiness of Josie believing her own BS annoyed me a little. For such a fire cracker of a woman who knows very well what people **person** are capable of, she believed to easily, instantly believing the venom was just irrational, it irritated me. But a good books traits have to be many and frustrating the reader Spurs them to read on, to know what happens. And this is exactly what Amity has done here.

The fighting aspect of the story kept me on edge every time there was a fight, I felt the disappointment of loss’s bleed from the words and the sheer euphoria that came from the finale. Especially with how the Gabe story line went down.

I’m so very glad that Amity gave all the characters their stories. And now they’ve all told their story’s they will be forever encased in the phenomenal series The Beat and the Pulse.

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