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Dark Secrets

The Hearts Ashes

Mark of Betrayal

Lies in Blood

Echoes: Part 1  of Echoes and Silence

Silence: Part 2 of Echoes and Silence

Dark Secrets

Mariah’s Review


The Dark Secrets Series by A.M. Hudson is the story of a young woman, Ara-Rose as she travels through life in the supernatural world.  At the time of this review, the first book, Dark Secrets, is free on Amazon.

I recently reviewed Dark Secrets, book 1, in the series.  I was so ensnared in the story that I just had to keep reading the rest of the series.  Again, I don’t want to give too many things away so I will be as vague as possible.  In this series, the main character, Ara finds herself in the world of Vampires.  She soon finds out that not only is she involved in the world, but is an integral part of it.  She is surrounded by people who love her and pay heavy prices for protecting her.  She is also surrounded by those that will betray her, the trick is figuring out which characters those are.

A.M. Husdon is a master at her craft.  There is no debating that fact.  The world she created in the Dark Secrets Series is so real and believable.  I would compare this series to several epic stories such as Game of Thrones or The Lord of the Rings.  She took such a unique turn with vampires and crafted a world that sucked you right in.  The entire series takes many twists and turns.  There are so many instances when you would be blown away by events or revelations.  That’s something I really enjoy.  I hate when you can figure out a book right from the get go.  This series is nothing like that.

The character development in the Dark Secrets series is exceptional.  Each character is their own distinct person.  The dialogue between characters is so well written that it feels as though you are actually in the room with the people talking.  The angst from the first book continues on in the series as well.  It’s not often times that a series will continue to do that to you, but I found with this one that I still had belly dropping moments.  I think the thing I loved most about this series is that it was so comprehensive.  You got to know the characters, you got to love them, and you get to see them continue on in another series.  If you are looking for a great paranormal series, you have got to give this one a read.

It should also be noted that there is an additional two book series called Bound that follows the Dark Secrets series.  The two series are followed up by Bound by Secrets which serves as an epilogue to both series.

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