Debut novel Collecting Scars by Tee Smith

Xavier is grieving for his younger sister Maddie who has been missing without a trace for more than six years.
Asha is snatched off the street and held captive by a mysterious stranger.
Is there a connection?



Asha Harper doesn’t believe in happily ever afters. She left home at seventeen to start a new life for herself, to follow her dreams of becoming a nurse.
For more than ten years she has not needed anyone in her life, well at least that’s what she has told herself. Until she met the man with the gorgeous smile and piercing green eyes.
Xavier Arnold has had his own share of trouble in his life. He is still grieving for his younger sister Maddie,
Will these two find love?
One night walking home from work, X. She is forced to re-evaluate her life. Not knowing if she will ever escape to see Xavier or her family again.

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Mariah’s Review

Orange starOrange starOrange star.5

Collecting Scars is Tee Smith’s debut novel. It is the story of two characters that have their issues to work out. Life is not always the happy easy path we find in story books. Both Asha and Xavier have issues with the past that influence their present lives.

Collecting Scars is aptly named. I found the two main characters, Asha and Xavier to carry them. Xavier has to deal with his missing sister. Asha is wary of letting a man into her life. She’s been independent. She’s built her career and made life for herself. While the book did start out slow for me, it picked up in the second half. The story took an unexpected turn that I found intriguing. I enjoyed how the suspense and mystery was intertwined in the story. This story will keep you guessing.

I think that we have to understand that this is a debut novel for Tee Smith, and it’s done well. I would have liked to see better dialogue and detail amongst the characters. At some points in the story, I found myself a little confused. However, all of that aside, it’s a really good debut novel. I have to give this novel four stars for the mystery and suspense and a three for the author’s craft and writing style. Over all, that’s 3.5 stars. I really feel that Tee Smith is off to a great start, and I truly look forward to her new works.

Lynda’s Review

Orange starOrange starOrange star.75

The story line for this story is what captured me and it was what compelled me to finish it. The writing style and sentence structure was difficult for me to like. It did make reading this story difficult, however the driving force of the storyline overshadowed that. There will definitely be people who love this writing style so I do encourage people to give it a go.

In a world full of clients who suffer terrible illnesses Asha finds light in the arms of Xavier. But what she doesn’t know is he is the son of one of her patients.

Enter plot twists that kept me reading.

Collecting scars is Tee Smiths debut novel. I definitely give points for creativity and originality. I do enjoy a twisted story, something darker. While this isn’t the depth of darkness I truly love the element is there and it definitely perked my interest.
I am looking forward to the next instalment, Maddie’s story. How will Tee Smith craft and creat a story for a girl who’s suffered what she has.


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