Red by Angela M Hudson

Once upon a time… Scratch that. My story doesn’t begin like this. And it doesn’t play out like a fairytale. It all started with a death in my family and a tragic realization. Well, two tragic realizations, actuall, and from there my life split into three parts: Before Alex, After Alex, and the Disastrous Dark Days. Not necessarily in that order.
Or maybe it was in that order, but after Alex didn’t truely happen until i “found myself” in the Dark Days.
It will all makes sense to you later.


Hello everyone! Since we are in the spooky month of October, I will be posting paranourmal reads all month long. I’m going to kick off the month with the amazing story, Red: The Untold Story by AM Hudson. If you are a fan of paranourmal reads, please check back every Monday this month.

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but in this case you really should. The cover of the book is just as beautiful as the story inside. Red: The Untold Story, is the story of a young woman who is half wolf half human. In order to save her family from hardship, she promises herself to the alpha leader of the pack. However, by doing this she loses out on a magical world that was already right at her doorstep.

What can I say? I loved this book. I loved everything that it was. Am Hudson, once again, creates a world that is so real and characters that are so deep you can’t help being sucked in. The expert writing helps the reader to really visualize the world that has been crafted. The use of red and the symbolism it portrays is lovely.

Having read the entire Dark Secrets series and Bound series, I really loved how once again, you as the reader are left guessing as the story plays along. In the beginning of Red: The Untold Story, I made my assumptions and predictions about what was going to happen as the story played out. Those assumptions and predictions were proven false by AM Hudson’s plot twists and excellent ability at story weaving.

Another thing that I love is the angst. Yes, there is angst as Red tries to make headway with her new husband. He is so cold and aloof. He guards his heart from Red. You find Red making headway as the story progresses, but for every step forward she takes two steps back. With the angst and the strange relationship with her husband, comes many questions. Questions that leave the reader wondering what is going to happen next and how Red is going to change things.

Am Hudson once again proves herself as an amazing writer because while her tone and style were much the same for the Dark Secrets and Bound Series, Red: The Untold Story was entirely its own work. AM Hudson’s writing style is just so deep and so well done. The plot twists, the characters, and the world she weaves for the reader is just an exquisite reading experience. Red: The Untold story was well crafted. It was unexpected, it was magical, and another 5 star read for me.

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