Paranormal Monday: DD Prince and Our Amazon Winner Announced!

Read this awesome interview with DD Prince and our Amazon Giveaway Winner is announced.

Hello everyone!  Happy Halloween!  I am wrapping up our month of Paranormal Mondays with the announcement of our gift card winner and an interview with the fabulous author DD Prince!!!  If you haven’t read the earlier posts on the blog today, please do as there are recommendations and reviews of new Paranormal Releases.



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Before I announce the winner, I would love to introduce you to DD Prince.  I’ve followed her books from the very beginning.  She is a talented author and I have so much respect for her and her writing process.  This week, the Nectar Trilogy is on sale for 99 cents!!!  All three books for 99 cents!  The sale runs from October 28 – November 2. Each book is regularly $2.99. The boxed set has been available for $4.99 but in USA & UK the whole set, all 3 books, will be available for that week for .99.

Here are the purchase links:

The Nectar Trilogy is the story of Tristan and Kyla.  Their story is dark, angsty, and oh so good!  I really loved how Dee D. Prince really veered away from traditional vampire stories.  She introduced very original ideas in this series.  The series is action packed and keeps you on the edge of your seat.  As the story evolves, you find yourself getting thrown deeper into dark lies and sabotage.  This is a multilevel, dark paranormal romance that you will love.

I would love to thank Dee D. Prince for taking the time to answer our interview questions.  I really hope that you come to love her work as much as I do.

TTP: Tell us about yourself.  When did you start writing?  What made you want to write?

DDP:  I’m a Canadian indie writer. I divide my time between writing fiction and doing freelance writing. I’m married with 2 sons and I published my first book, The Dominator, in January 2015. I just released my sixth book at the end of September.


I’ve loved to write ever since I can remember. I wrote stories for the school library. I always exceeded word count in school essays. In the sixth grade there was an essay contest about a famous Canadian and the prize was a trip to an amusement park. I wrote 5 essays for that contest, mostly because I LOVED writing essays.   I won tickets to the amusement park.  And the teacher joked that they couldn’t give me more than one prize even though I’d put in the most entries.


I always wanted to write books but life got in the way.  And I was having trouble finishing a book. Throughout my teens and early 20’s I’d start them and would never finish.

Fast forward to my early thirties and I was freelance writing and spending all my time writing other people’s stuff. Fast forward again to my early forties and in a short period of time I saw two relatives on opposite sides of my family, who didn’t know one another, post on Facebook that they’d self-published on Amazon.  Neither went farther than selling a few copies to family. But I started beating myself up because I’d always wanted to write fiction and here was a perfectly good platform to do that. I knew a lot about online marketing, too, since I spend a lot of time writing for web marketing companies, so I knew I could get a bit of attention with marketing myself once I actually put a book up there. If I was spending 50-60 hours a week writing for clients, why couldn’t I take some time to write for myself? I came up with the idea for Nectar and wrote about 75% of it and then froze. Again, I was having trouble finishing a book.  I had joked that I’d never finish anything until I finished that book I started writing off and on throughout my teens.


I went back to it and when I finished it and published, I went back and finished Nectar, too (sort of. I made book one end on a cliffy. There’s a cure for not being able to finish a book. Ha! Make it end on a cliffhanger and then hope people will bug you for the next installment and that it’ll fuel the story. It worked!). And in a few months I had not one but two books out there.  I sold ten copies of my first book in the first hour after posting about my new book on a secret book club on Facebook. I was hooked!

TTP:  The Nectar Trilogy took a very unique approach to Vampires.  I really liked that.  What inspired you to drift away from typical vampire beliefs (i.e. only sleep at night, only drink blood, etc.)?

DDP:  I love when vampire stories attempt to dispel myths.  I love vampire books in general. There’s something so alluring about the intimacy between the vamp and his victim, don’t you think? I was taking a bubble bath (I often come up with story ideas in the tub) and for some reason, my mind drifted to thinking about vampires and that intimacy and then my mind wandered to the idea of vampires and menstruation and the Nectar story idea just started growing from there. I was reading a lot of indie books and just started writing it. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever publish and I knew there was some dark and taboo subject matter in it. But I was addicted to dark romance and Tristan and Kyla became very real to me so that just kept fueling the story.

TTP:  If you could tell your younger writing self something, what would it be?

DDP:  Don’t wait so long to try. I see how my work and skill is evolving even after just shy of two years doing this. I wonder where it would be if I’d started this journey years ago.

TTP:  What are some challenges you think indie authors face?  What are some advantages?

DDP:  Being an indie author can be a Catch 22, really. You have the power to put anything out there that you want to put out there. No need to sift through rejection letters. But at the same time, that can be dangerous and career limiting since there’s no one to stop you from putting whatever you want out there.  And it can be disappointing when you don’t hit the bestseller list and / or your fans hate something you’ve written.  It can be expensive to hire editors so you either make that investment and hope you find the right professional or you go it alone and that can be risky, too, because it certainly isn’t easy to edit your own work.


It’s also challenging to find time to do it all. Marketing, writing, the admin side of things. It’s competitive out there. Plagiarism and piracy are huge factors, too. And the rules aren’t always real clear. Amazon has banned some indie author books and others with far more taboo subject matter seem to be unaffected. It’s little scary to be so vulnerable!
TTP:  As an avid reader I’ve always wondered how an author selects the names of their characters.  How do you do that?
DDP:  Sometimes I’ll hear a name and decide I need to name a character that name. Sometimes I really struggle and sift through name databases, especially with secondary characters.  I’ve caught myself repeating secondary or tertiary character names unintentionally. I’m starting to think I should keep a log book so that I don’t name all coworkers, waitresses, the same name! It’s not easy and I’ve already started to see some repetition. Jet, in Detour, was Jetta until I realized it sounded too close to Jenna, another character, so I changed it just before publishing.  But I love the name Jetta for a character so maybe I’ll use it down the road. Kyla’s last name in Nectar is Spencer but the book I just wrote, Detour, has a character whose first name is Spencer. There are a few other examples of this that I’ve realized I’ve duplicated or had names that were too close. I’ve heard other authors commiserate over how hard it can be to name your characters!

TTP:  What was your favorite childhood book and why?
I really couldn’t name just one book. I have always loved to read, spent a lot of time at the library, and I started writing my own stories in grade school. Books are a huge part of my life.  As a little girl I loved adventures, where the main character could escape their regular life. And that’s initially why I started to write. I’d go on adventures and escape my everyday life. I still write for the same reason that I read. I hope I can do that for my readers. That’s what I strive for, anyhow.

TTP:  Please tell us about upcoming books or current releases.
DDP:  I released a book at the end of September called Detour. It’s the first in a set of biker romances. It’s got a bit of everything: steam, darkness, some comedic elements.





(Available on Kindle Unlimited, too).


Right now I’m working on writing Unbound, the third Dominator book. In 2017, I also hope to continue with the vampire world I created in the Nectar Trilogy with a second volume about some of the secondary characters in Tristan & Kyla’s books. There are some characters who have fans that want to see books for.


To celebrate Halloween, I’ve put the Nectar Trilogy book bundle on sale. From

October 28 – November 2, you can get all three books for .99 (US & UK). It’s also free to read on Kindle Unlimited. It’s about 1200 pages with love, darkness, angst, mystery, steam, and it has an HEA.

Amazon Winner!!!


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