RELEASE BLITZ: Fates Entwined by Jules Barnard

They can never be together. The notion is laughable. Humans
are inferior, a scourge on the Fae and on the magic passed down to them by
angels millennia ago. And if Keen finds himself drawn to the tiny human female,
he keeps it to himself. He won’t add to the half-breed problem that threatens
his people’s existence.
Reese can’t stand Keen. He criticizes her clothing, won’t
answer a straight question, and is too handsome for her peace of mind.
Her entire life, people have pegged Reese for a shallow,
ditzy blond. She won’t accept the stereotype from the large, arrogant Fae too.
But after Keen saves her life, she begins to question what truly lies beneath
his stoic demeanor.
Forced together, Keen and Reese fight to survive among
enemies, and Keen makes choices Reese couldn’t have predicted. She glimpses a
side of him that is protective and dangerously seductive.
But Keen refuses to acknowledge their connection.
Until he’s faced with the decision to betray his people, or
lose Reese forever.
*This mature YA series is intended for readers 17 years and
**Each Halven Rising novel features a different couple and
may be read as a standalone, but an overreaching story arc connects the series,
so it’s fun to read them in order.**



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About Jules Barnard

RITA-nominated author Jules Barnard began her publishing career in 2014 with Deep Blue, the first book in the contemporary Blue Series, hitting bestseller lists on Amazon, iBooks, and All Romance. In 2015, she launched Fates Divided, the first of a romantic fantasy series Library Journal calls “…an exciting new fantasy adventure.” Whether she’s writing about beautiful Lake Tahoe or a Fae world embedded in a college campus, Jules spins suspenseful stories filled with realistic characters who have heart and humor.

When Jules isn’t in her sweatpants writing and rewarding herself with chocolate, she spends her time with her husband and two children in their small hometown on the California coast. She credits herself with the ability to read while running on the treadmill or burning dinner.
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Mariah’s Review

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Fates Entwined is the third book in the Halven Rising Series.  It was a good book but I felt somewhat lost being dropped in the middle of the series.  I would really suggest reading the previous books first.  Each book is a stand alone, but they do arc together.  I felt a bit lost in the beginning and it took some rereading to get caught up. I think that’s normal when an author creates another worldly realm in a paranormal world.  Once I got myself acquainted with the story and characters, I was okay.  I found the story quite enjoyable.  Reese is a halven, or half fae.  She finds herself drawn to and protected by Keen.  It’s an angsty story with a lot of complications thrown in.  Really, when aren’t the fae complicated?  For each time Reese finds herself drawn to Keen she is turned back.  I loved that.  I also enjoyed how Reese came into her powers and grew throughout the book. This was a good story with a strong heroine.  I enjoyed it immensely and I recommend the entire series.  I know that I will be going back and reading it as well.


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