Mariah Reviews Starving Faithful by Amy Lynn

A four star review of Starving Faithful by Amy Lynn.


4 Stars

Starving Faithful by Amy Lynn is the story of Ava as she makes her life with her husband Brad. Things start out full of hope and promise but they don’t end that way. This book is the first in the series and I can’t wait for the second.

Amy Lynn did a fantastic job of keeping the reader in suspense. The book isn’t suspenseful per say, but you just have a lot of questions as you read, which I love.¬† I’m also going to say this book did not lead me where I though it was going.

There are some rough scenes in the book and I was disappointed by Ava’s choices. However, there was a purpose for it. Starving Faithful is a four star read for me and I truly can’t wait for the second book in the¬†Insatiable Series.

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